Upgrading Management Reporter 2012: Upgrading the Database

October 16th, 2014 by

Microsoft Dynamics GPIn this short series of posts, I’m going to take a look at upgrading an installation of Management Reporter 2012 to the latest Rollup. The series index can be found here.

In the previous post I covered the upgrade of the server components; in this one I’m going to finish the upgrade of the server which requires that the database also be upgraded.

To do this run the Configuration Console from the Windows Start screen; you’ll see a Task List in the bottom right corner of the window showing thre items:

Management Reporter 2012 Configuration Console

The first two items can be ignored as they will automatically be resolved when we sort the third one. Click the Update the Management Reporter database.

I typically deselect Use Windows Authentication and enter the sa user and password.

Then click Update:

Database Update

Once the database update is finished a confirmation message will be displayed; click OK:

Management Reporter 2012 - The database was updated successfully and the application has been restarted

You’ll be returned to the main Configuration Console window where you can se that all three outstanding tasks have disappeared, although the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service is showing as stoped:

Management Reporter 2012 Configuration Console

Click the Start link next to this proces s and it should start succesfully:

Management Reporter 2012 Configuration Console

The Configuration Console can now be closed as the update is now complete; the Management Reporter server has successfully been update to the latest Rollup.

The final step to completing the upgrade is to upgrade the clients which we will do in the next post in this series.

Upgrading Management Reporter 2012
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Upgrading the Database

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