Doc Attach Button in Notes Window Missing

April 17th, 2018 by

Microsoft Dynamics GPAfter a clients system was upgraded a while ago from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 SP3 to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, we enabled the Document Attachment feature for the client to use. Unfortunately when showing the client how to use the feaute, we found that the Doc Attach button was missing (the red square is where the button should be):


This is actually an old issue OLE Notes which I didn’t expect to encounter again. In the Dex.ini file, there is a line where the OLE Notes path is specified.

When one of my junior colleagues created the deployment package they configured the OLEPath switch to the same path it has been set to in Dynamics GP 2010, except they missed the trailing slash:


Once the trailing slash was added, the DocAttach button became available:


Unfortunately, we needed to change the switch on all of the client (fortunately not all that many); if the client had Winthrop DC’s GP Power Tools installed we could have used the Dex.ini Configuration tool to deploy the change to all the machines.

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