Enabling the PO Email Document Without an Exchange Account.

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Microsoft Dynamics GPI am very much an advocate for using the Microsoft Dynamics GP application for making changes to configuration or data rather than jumping straight to the SQL database. However, sometimes needs really must.

I was onsite with a client a few weeks ago to assist them in implementing Purchase Order Processing and, as part of this implementation, I needed to enable the emailing of the purchase order. Typically, I would do this through the Company E-mail Setup (Administration >> Setup >> Company >>
E-mail Setup
)) window, but the client is configured to use Exchange for emails and I don’t have an Exchange account on their system.

Due to my location compared to the users, it was quicker to create an SQL script to enable the email rather than trying to locate a user with the relevant permissions to screen share with:

	EmailDocumentEnabled = 1
	,EmailMessageID = 'PO'
	EmailDictionaryID = 0
	EmailSeriesID = 4
	MODULE1 = 12
	EmailDocumentID = 1

The highlighted section is the name of the Message ID for the PO.

As always before running a script, ensure you test the script and have a good backup of your company database.

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