Implementing Fastpath’s Config AD: Installing Config AD Desktop

July 15th, 2014 by

In this series of posts I’m going to take a look at the Config AD product from Fastpath which adds single sign-on to the Dynamics GP desktop client; you can find my series index here.

To install the Config AD Desktop run the setup.exe in the Config AD Desktop 2.1.3 folder and accept the security warning:

Open File - Security Warning

On the Welcome… page click next to start:

Fastpath Config AD Desktop: Welcome to the Fastpah Config AD Desktop Setup Wizard

Accept the License Agreement and click Next:

Fastpath Config AD Desktop: License Agreement

Specify the installation folder and to who the Config AD Desktop should be available:

Fastpath Config AD Desktop: Select Installation Folder

Confirm the installation:

Fastpath Config AD Desktop: Confirm Installation

Once the installation is complete click Close:

Fastpath Config AD Desktop: Installation Complete

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