Implementing SmartConnect: SmartConnect vs. Integrating Manager

February 11th, 2019 by

eOne SolutionsThis post is part of the series on Implementing SmartConnect, an integration tool from eOne Solutions, which can take data from any source and integrate it into Microsoft Dynamics GP (and other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Sales Force amongst others). It has a drag and drop interface to make creating integrations quick and easy for all users rather than just developers (as many integration tools target).

For providing clients with integrations, we’ve typically used Integration Manager, which is part of the Customisation Pack. Having recently taken a look at SmartConnect from eOne Solutions, I rapidly came to the conclusion that while Integrating Manager is easy to use and integrations are relatively simple to create, it lacks a lot of the features of SmartConnect.

Feature Integration Manager SmartConnect
Easy to create integrations  
Schedule Integrations to run automatically  
Use Excel XLSX as a data source  
Connect to almost any datasource  
Integrate to any eConnect node  
Integrate with custom eConnect nodes  
Extend integrations programatically VBA VB.NET or C#
Chain integrations to run one after the other  
Schedule export of data to other systems  
Robust when integrating large datasets  

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Implementing SmartConnect
Who Are eOne Solutions?
SmartConnect vs. Integrating Manager

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