MDGP 2015 Feature of the Day: Project Employee Expense Report Entry

November 21st, 2014 by

Microsoft Dynamics GPThe Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog has started a series of posts on the new features of, the soon to be released, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. As I have done for the last two releases, I intend to shadow these posts and add my own opinions on these new feature; the series index is here.

The thirty second Feature of the Day is Project Employee Expense Entry. Project Accounting employees can create expense reports for any projects to which they are assigned. Employees can also be set up to allow delegates to enter expense reports on their behalf.

Workflow approvals and task assignments are defined for expense reports; workflow actions are executed on the documents from the Expense Entry window or from the Navigation lists.

Employee Expenses navigation list

PTE Employee Expense Entry

The roles targeted by this feature are:

  • Project Employee
  • Project Managers and Administrators

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