MDGP 2016 R1 Feature of the Day: Payables Credit Card Payment Run

April 14th, 2016 by

This feature of the day adds a third transaction type to the payment process to allow a payment run to be made by credit card instead of cheque or EFT:

Payables Credit Card Payment Run

The main features of are:

    Option for a computer check batch to be paid by credit card
  • The credit card payment will create an invoice for the credit card vendor
  • A remittance form will print to show the invoices paid

I’ve just been doing an upgrade of a client to Microsoft Dynamics GP and had a discussion around the payment of invoices by credit card. When they upgrade again this feature will, I’m fairly sure, be quite popular with the payments team (unfortunately their next upgrade is probably a year or so away.

I already have my first upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R1 booked in, so I will have to have a chat with them and see if they process many payments on credit card.

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