Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 Web Client Scale-Out Deployment: Verifying The Web Client Install

March 7th, 2014 by

With all components of the web client installed and configured, it’s time to verify that the web client is actually working correctly.

The way of doing this is quite simple; log in and check if data can be loaded, updated and saved. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the log in page; enter your Domain user name and password:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Sign In

The next page you will see, is a representation of the desktop client login window. Select the Server and enter your GP User ID and Password as you normally would:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Welcome to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Choose your Company:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Company Login

As I’m using the Fabrikam sample company, the sample company warning message is displayed:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Sample Company warning

And finally, we’ll be presented with the normal Home page:

Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client - Home

At this point you are fully logged into Microsoft Dynamics GP and have access to all normal functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP; the exception is items which are only on the drop down menus such as the Customise (or Customize for our American cousins) menu.

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