Remove Microsoft Account From A PC

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Microsoft Dynamics GPThe steps to remove/unlink a Microsoft Account, including associated Microsoft Store, from a PC are actually quite simple, but I had to do a search to find them. Writing them down will help me to remember in future.

To unlink a Microsoft Account, open the Manage your account window from the Windows Start menu:

Windows Start menu search for account

Click on the Email & app accounts tab in the navigation pane (these first two steps can be simplified by typing ms-settings:emailandaccounts in a Run prompt).

Click the Microsoft Account to remove and, when this section opens, click the Remove button:

Email & App Accounts page

When the popup confirmation box appears, click Yes to proceed:

Confirm removal of account message
Are you sure you want to remove this account? This will remove email and all content associated with it. Your organization might also remvoe some data stored on this device.

There are no second changes; once you’ve clicked Yes on the previous dialog, the account will be removed:

Email & app accounts with account removed

You can add the account back if required, or another Microsoft Account, by clicking the Add a Microsoft account link.

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